P.A.L.-BG Ltd.

One of the biggest rainbow trout
breeding-farms in Bulgaria

The Rhodope Mountains, Stoykovska Livada area, near the village of Devin.
Tel: 02/ 958 1496


Fish farming

The fish farm is located in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, more specifically - in the western end of the Middle Rhodope Mountains in the Mursalishki region. That is about 3.5 km from the town of Devin, near the village of Devin. The area is surrounded by the big Rhodope hills: Mursalitza, Chernatitza and Prespanski.

The Beden spring, elevated at 710 - 770 m, and the Shirokolushka river are also in the surroundings. The fish farm was built in the 1970s and the most modern technologies were integrated in it. The farm has many years of experience and a long-standing tradition in the breeding and processing of rainbow trout as well as the processing of other types of fish and seafood delicacies.

The unique taste of the trout we farm is acquired by feeding the fish with high-quality ecologically clean food and using pure spring and river water in the fish farms.

Within the area of the farm, we have built a fish processing factory fitted with modern equipment and certified through the international IFS 6 Standard. The production control is executed through six integrated HACCP plans: chilled fish, frozen fish, dried fish fillets, cold- and hot-smoked fish fillets and caviar and caviar-based salads.