P.A.L.-BG Ltd.

One of the biggest rainbow trout
breeding-farms in Bulgaria

The Rhodope Mountains, Stoykovska Livada area, near the village of Devin.
Tel: 02/ 958 1496


About us

P.A.L- BG EOOD was established in 1992. Our fish processing factory is located in the area of Stoykovska Livada, near the village of Devin in the Rhodope Mountains. The fish breeding farms spread over 13 800 m2 and have capacity of 1000 tonnes live fish.

The fish processing factory was put into operation in 1992. In PAL BG we use traditional and modern technologies for food processing that meet the latest EU norms and standards. That helps us to increase the factory's output and competitiveness and to offer our products on the international market.

The site meets all hygiene requirements and complies with the veterinary and sanitary norms and stipulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, as well as the directives of the EU and the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. We have developed programmes for good practices in production and hygiene, as well as a system for control and management of the safety of food and drinks /HACCP/. In 2012 the factory was BRC certified, and in 2014 it received a very high grade in the audit for IFS Food version 6 certification.

In order to preserve the environment, we have built a bio-friendly treatment plant in the factory.